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We are a nimble software company based in Scotland; a nation renowned for innovation. We produce and support a suite of web applications that improve operational performance and business continuity during workplace handovers. Our user-base is growing every day and our team is global with operations in Scotland, Ukraine and Australia.

What do our customers say?


“The Safety team at site were able to get up and start using RelayWorks straight away. They valued how the system kept them informed with what was happening on the alternate shift and gave easy access to previous rosters”

Safety Manager, Byrnecut Australia


“As a manager I can quickly understand what is happening at the site even when I am off-site”

Maintenance Superintendent, Sunrise Dam, Perth WA

‘RelayWorks is a massive leap forward in how our shutdown teams on-site communicate their handovers to the main office from our client’s location. Even better, it improves our ability to report progress quickly to our clients.’

Operations Manager, NewGen Group

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