More great features as Relay nears completion!

Relay™ is the next generation of shift and crew handover technology. By developing the application we aim to deliver the following:

  • Eliminate wasted time caused by inefficient manual handovers;
  • Improve site-wide communication and collaboration; and
  • Convert handover data into an asset that contributes significant value.

Relay accomplishes this by organising and applying a best practice workflow tailored for staff and crew changeovers. It easily and securely provides real-time access to all the people who need to know and those who need to take action regardless of their location or on-site availability. It monitors user engagement and provides updates when handover information has been digested and when new intel has been added. Most of all, it ensures the most important considerations do not get overlooked during handover. Safety and compliance are at the heart of every changeover, making sure that teams have a simple set-up to act professionally and collaboratively when they leave and return to site.

With Relay near to completion, we spoke to Rory Alberigo again for an update on the latest development iteration and what features we can look forward to in the upcoming release.

Stick a pin in it with Relay!

“Handover reports can be tailored to specific job positions, this is accomplished by creating a template. The template can be setup so that certain items will always appear on the user’s handover report during every new swing. This can be a safety requirement, an ongoing project, or a part of their job function that the user should report on each swing.

Items that have been added to a user’s report will present themselves with a white pin. This informs the user that the item is part of their template.

Of course, users are not confined to report on items from their template. New items can be added by the user, and if the user decides that they will want to report on this specific item over the next few rotations, they can activate the pin feature.

This effectively acts as a template item and will recur every swing, until the user un-pins the item from their report. Items that are pinned by users are blue so they are distinguishable from template items”

Relay will not only change how shift and crew handovers are done now, but also in the future. Follow iHandover on Twitter and Linkedin to be kept up to date with all the latest news on Relay™ development and release schedules. If you would like to know more now, or arrange a one-to-one demo, fill out the form below:

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