Vital handovers for FIFO teams – Join the discussion!

With the launch of innovative handover solution Relay fast approaching, iHandover is delighted to announce a special public event to discuss the necessity of professional handovers in the natural resource sector. Join us to find out how Relay will not only revolutionise FIFO handovers, but also enhance team performance and deliver tangible financial benefits to your organisation.

Presented by our Director of Sales Jenny Spring, we want to get to the heart of handovers and really find out what makes them tick. During the event we will expose the most commonly used methods of handing over, and explore how these common and unmonitored methods can put your operation and workers lives at risk.

Did you know that new handover technology now enables the mining and oil & gas sector to benefit from significant savings of 9.2 hours per FIFO swing, which can save up to 220 hours per employee just by reducing paperwork and re-work?

Evidently, it is no longer enough to dismiss the importance of a good handover and accept sub-standard effort. Operations and work environments are becoming ever more challenging, and the demands on workers more rigorous and arduous! With Relay, we will demonstrate how a tailored, standardised and always accessible handover solution will enhance productivity, reduce downtime and instill peace of mind in both workers and management.

This event is free to attend, but there are limited spaces available. If a handover solution that delivers security, safety and confidence is something you would like to feel the benefit of, please visit the link below to book your space today.

Join us on the 17th of January to see how Relay will forever change the way that FIFO/DIDO professionals hand over.  Click here to secure your ticket today