Relay – Digital shift and swing handovers

No other event in the working day can lead to as many incidents as the handover between one shift and another.

From the bustling drilling deck to the deepest shaft in the mine, there is a constant flow of maintenance, operational and safety events happening at any one time. Management and key operational personnel need to accurately know the state of these events at the time of handover. Relay is a digital handover application that is changing how non-stop teams accomplish handovers. Teams and managers are connected through an easy to use application, with features such as;

  • Real-time progress reporting
  • Task management across shifts and swings
  • Information sharing with key stakeholders
  • Tailored Safety CCM and Hazard Management
  • Quick access to reporting and analytics

To operate at their best, your teams need the right tools to do the job. With Relay, teams are focused on sticking to the plan, the operation is always up-to-speed, and informed decision making is a simple click away. Fill out the form below and see how Relay can help you make the difference, today.

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