Another great feature to improve team handovers

It’s been a whirlwind few months for everyone involved at iHandover. We’ve attended events across the globe that have taken us from South Africa to Australia. With each event comes even more interest in our digital handover software, Relay.

Relay is now live with several organisations. As a result we’re now enjoying the benefits of further quality feedback and analysis from active customers. As anyone who has worked in software development before will tell you, what happens in test won’t always reflect what happens out in the real world. And with Relay, it has been no different.

While there have been a couple of bumps, we can say with confidence that the handover solution we set out to deliver has been fully realised. And now that it is out there and being used by working teams, we’ve started to incorporate more great features into what we think is an exceptional application.

So with that in mind, we managed to pin down our very own Rory Alberigo and ask him what new features were being developed for the next release of Relay.

Share Feature

“So up until now in Relay the communication of handover items has been between two individuals. Although tasks can be assigned to other members of your team, the handover report and its contents were always passed to one nominated individual – usually your back-to-back or shift partner.

This is a bit impractical though. Some developments or events occur that should be shared not only with your back-to-back, but also with other team members, management and sometimes external stakeholders (such as suppliers or service providers).


We have now built a new feature into Relay, that allows users to do just that.

Much like you would forward an e-mail onto someone, or share a document in google drive, Relay now allows users to take an item from their handover report and share it with any number of individuals. We think our customers will really appreciate the extra level of communication that the new sharing feature will bring to Relay. Again, it keeps everything in one place, you won’t need to forward that email or print a doc off, simply pick who you need to share with and the system will do the rest of the work for you!”

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