Relay becomes a true task master!

Tasking in Relay is great, and now we’ve made it better. Previously tasks were always linked to the handover cycle. Assign them, send them, and get an outcome when you return. Now you can assign tasks to team-members at anytime, before during or after your handover.

From the start Relay has had powerful tasking as standard. As a key component of producing a handover report, users have the ability to set tasks for their handover peer. These tasks transition to the incoming worker as part of the main shift handover. Tasks arrive complete with set due dates and the requirement to send hand back information to the task originator. Excellent functionality that meant all users could send handover reports safe in the knowledge that while off site, work is progressing in a healthy manner.

But what about when you are on site and a task needs done straight away, or long-term tasks that are out-with the scope of a shift or rotation? With development as ever continuing at a fair pace, we pulled Rory Alberigo aside to give us the lowdown on the new functionality coming in the next release of Relay.

“From version 2.3.0, tasking in Relay is opened up and is no longer tied to your handover report. If something needs done, and it’s down to you and your team to complete the job, you can now task your team in real-time. You can now send tasks to your team members for completion straight away or schedule them for completion at a later date or time. A new and improved interface lets you see all the tasks in one easy to navigate screen, with full visibility of tasks that you have assigned for completion during a shift, or those that will form part of your handover and be passed to your replacement.

We’re very excited about what these changes to Relay will mean for our customers, old and new. This new enhancement sets Relay on the path of becoming a true task management application, while cementing its position as an innovative and groundbreaking shift handover solution”

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