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Relay Digital

Traditional handover methods are inadequate, ineffective and time consuming.  Relay is real-time, smart and always available. It lets you handover vital information and tasks professionally, at the click of a button.

Relay works on any device that’s online and has access to a web-browser.  It allows your teams in the field to create live handovers during their working day.  And if you forget something, no problem. You can contribute to and update handover reports when you’re offline and your peers are instantly notified.


Relay Design

Relay’s admin interface lets you tailor handovers to suit any job position in any working environment. Each handover has sections for HSE, role accountability, line management, project work and routine tasks.

Completing your handover report is easy. Simply draft your handover content on a single page so you can always easily find what has been produced. It makes handovers dynamic and flexible, and the pre-defined templates evolve quickly when the user adds new content and removes items that are no longer relevant.

Always Informed

Relay’s intelligent workflow creates a variety of notifications for end users so everyone is consulted and informed at exactly the right time. The system highlights items and tasks that have been assigned, sends information on user interactions and provides updates on the status of handovers and tasks.

It is easy to find out what is happening at the operation, regardless of your location so you can monitor progress, take action and make better-informed decisions.

This aspect of Relay promotes healthy user engagement and work activity, and means you will always get up to speed quickly when returning from leave.


Relay Get Things Done

Fantastic people need fantastic management systems and processes in place to perform effectively, especially in non-stop working environments and when progress is dependent on third parties or across business functions. Relay ensures communication is timely and professional, work activity is clearly defined and the quality of work execution is measurable.

And because Relay is real-time, information managers and staff are always up to speed and able to make fast, informed decisions. It enables your business to overcome barriers, move forward at the right pace and perform to the highest standards.

Ensuring Team Performance

In non-stop working environments it is easy for teams to become split due to working patterns and communication within a business function can easily break down.

Relay provides a platform for real-time collaboration and sharing across shift crews and business functions. It removes the silo effect and gets the communication flow working seamlessly. Teams working across different shifts work smarter together, towards a common goal of continual improvement and ultimately delivering the best results.

Relay Shift

Day or night, Relay is the most straightforward way to detail a shift handover, improving the way shift supervisors and teams communicate issues, and collaborate and report on performance.

Short turnaround times during shift handover often result in vital information being incomplete or non-existent.  Relay ensures that each shift is handed over quickly, safely and professionally.  Plus, it allows for the collection of high-quality and timely operational data.

Shift workers begin their day in possession of a clean, detailed and fully tasked handover. Managers can easily monitor the status of the shift, use the intel to make key decisions, and use the content to benchmark team and individual performance.

Relay Swing

Working in remote operations can be challenging, but great communication and operational control shouldn’t be.

Relay users build up intelligence about their work on a daily basis from any location – be it the office, the processing plant, in the community, or in the field. Add in the information once, in any media format, and it’s immediately available in your end of swing handover.

Hand over information to your nominated recipient, keep your manager informed, support your peers, and complete your assigned tasks. Relay is the best place to ensure communication and tasking across shifts is working optimally for everyone.

Every Task. Every Day

So much happens in a single day on a non-stop operation that it can be hard to keep up. With Relay, managers and users can quickly capture ‘notes to self’ while at work, in real-time. Enter the details once and this can then be easily selected for addition into both ‘end of shift’ and ‘end of swing’ handover. Use Relay to take a quick photo of a fault, record an unusual operating sound, or send a request to a colleague. It means users can keep a clear and uncluttered mind throughout the day to focus on what is important.

Relay Safety

For us, safety is a paramount. Relay makes it easy to encourage best practice, monitor compliance and capture high-quality and auditable data for reporting purposes.

Safety is often about awareness, education and the provision of regular and relevant content at the right time.  Relay’s safety messaging feature comes as standard. With more than 16 major hazard categories built in, you can easily communicate to users the vital information and actions required for managing and maintaining critical controls (CCM). Built-in analytics help you keep track of when safety messages are sent, received and still pending.

Relay Project

Finding available resources within a business to move forward important programmes of work is always a challenge in non-stop operations.

Relay provides a platform for Project Managers to stay informed of the progress of project actions that span across shifts and on/off site rotations of project stakeholders. Relay makes sure that project tasks are moved forward even when stakeholders are on leave. Project Managers have a full overview of team actions that have been included in end of swing handovers, allowing them to track status, manage priorities and capture risks and issues.

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