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Activate Transitions

Transferring knowledge between employees is a challenge for most organisations, if not all. It is a complex process especially when you consider that there are many reasons why an employee vacates their job position. Once triggered, line managers are under pressure to manage the planned or unplanned change as well as their normal work activities. We understand it can be overwhelming for all stakeholders and we provide a system and support that offers stability, confidence and continuity during handover processes.

Activate brings a focus and structure to employee knowledge transfer and a new approach to capturing, retaining and transferring the important job intel in a variety of written, linked, visual and audio notes. Easy to get started and simple to improve the handover experience for everyone involved.

Activate Digital

Employee knowledge transfer has struggled to find a place of importance in the business world. At iHandover we believe this to be because the pain of a handover is felt after people leave, there is an absence of relevant and understood processes, and no system existed to perform this function. This drove us to build Activate; a simple and flexible handover management tool that can be applied across a range of employee transitions.

The software is a web-app developed using Microsoft technologies and deployed for clients onto a secure Azure server. This allows clients to deploy and manage handovers easily across multiple locations and to a mobile workforce. Our dynamic workflow captures and organises knowledge and business intelligence for operational leaders and HR functions. Allow Activate to modernise the way your employees handover, support your management teams, and retain the vital intel for your new emerging talent to seize the day when they arrive.

Activate Design

The Activate user interface allows an employee knowledge profile to be tailored for any job position, in any working environment.  The senior user can choose from the following sections: accountabilities; line management; project roles; relationships; and achievements. Mature data-driven and process-oriented organisations can take advantage of our process link framework. This standardises and helps to classify data and knowledge capture within Activate.

When it comes to the job handover, our intuitive interface makes completion a simple and structured experience. Users finalise their handover content over a series of sessions in their final weeks and months with their current team.  Activate handovers are dynamic and flexible where users can evolve their pre-defined templates by adding content that is new and removing items that are no longer relevant. This allows for clear, real-time user profiles which in turn provides the business with an up to date view of the overall job requirement.

You don’t need to be an expert to start getting the most out of Activate. Simply login and review your profile and find out quickly what needs to be refreshed or added for the first time.

Activate Continuity

Activate provides business with the best chance of operational continuity during role handover. We have a custom-built workflow with pre-planned events, work prioritisation, and automated notifications. This exists for for the ongoing, leaving, and onboarding phases of our end to end employee knowledge transfer process.

Our experts can run a diagnostic check on your business to identify the positions and talent that present the highest operational, regulation and compliance risk to your business. If you are uncertain of where to begin then we would recommend using the C3 (Criticality – Complexity – Capability) consulting approach, developed in collaboration with one of our business partners En-Sync 8020.

Activate protects your business from knowledge loss and prepares incoming talent for a fast start to a successful career.

Activate IP

The intellectual assets of a business are often exposed and weakened when experienced talent leave. Activate can be viewed as a modern system for building a secure data bank of corporate intelligence. This can be done gradually over a number of years or more intensely during an organisational restructure.

Capturing this important and sometimes critical knowledge and information can be seen in a variety of transition events. One example is when technical contractors are nearing the end of fixed-term positions or projects. Activate provides an excellent platform for them to document and pass on key handover information about the contributions they have made to their clients organisation. Another example is when experienced individuals take voluntary redundancy. This transition can put a business under enormous strain if knowledge and intel is not captured during a VR notice period. Activate provides an easy and user friendly solution to each of these handover scenarios. The outcomes benefit both the individual and employer.

Activate Stakeholders

‘It is not what you know, it is who you know’.  Many people use this phrase today in business to express the importance of your working relationships. Much like a CRM tool, Activate assists users to map the perceived importance of the people connected to their job position. This is a powerful and visual part of the Activate system.

A manager can review the perceived strength of relationships and support their team to improve and extend their business connections. This provides an essential step in an individual’s development pathway whilst also preparing for any future transition. When it comes to the final handover users can specify who their replacement or peers need to meet, why and when.

Activate Feedback

Moving Up

During an employee’s time with an organisation they continually build on their corporate knowledge and understanding, becoming more experienced and skilled at how they deliver their work. The overall aim for managers is generally to help their team reach an optimal level of capability and performance for both the individual and employer. Activate allows users to easily demonstrate contribution to the business through enabling them to capture insights on current work activity, business relations and ongoing project commitments. Our workflow schedules mid and end-year knowledge review sessions for managers to meet with team members and discuss the development of the employee and their real-time, up-to-date job profile.

Moving On

There are many reasons why an individual might leave an organisation and the exit-survey is a method of gathering this important information. The Activate solution contains a flexible exit-survey tool that the business can use to generate qualitative and quantitative data from leavers. There is a review process within the system that prompts HR staff and line managers to review content of exit surveys and discuss post-departure.

Activate Onboarding

There are many online tools and solutions that handle the pre-boarding and on-boarding of new employees. From welcome packs to buddy-up programs there are many options to select. These systems are run by HR teams and fulfil a great role in welcoming the employee and getting them ready for work. In reality this is where it ends and the real work begins. Activate helps to quickly establish a healthy rapport between manager and the new employee. One which allows the employee to feel fully supported, and the manager with an increased level of confidence in their new team member’s ability to excel within the team.

Activate achieves this by providing managers with a place for organising and prioritising how an individual inherits knowledge and business intelligence from a previous employee. They can choose what to share and when to do this via Activates on-boarding priorities tool. What’s more they can quickly schedule meetings with key stakeholders and set up progress reviews throughout the induction period. Having a plan on day one provides great comfort for the new employee and this is easily achieved in Activate.

Activate Retention

Knowledge loss is a major risk for many organisations. The common challenge faced is how do you combat this when you have so many variables at play. The best place to start is identifying the job positions most critical to: delivering strategic objectives, driving business performance, managing customer relations and ensuring operational continuity. iHandover have worked with En-Sync 8020 to develop a unique methodology for profiling the human risk of an organisation. The C3 approach provides an excellent first step to developing a roll-out plan for Activate.

With Activate you can be certain of one thing. When an individual adds content into Activate it is captured, retained and accessible. There are a range of options at a user’s disposal and these include: audio capture; media file uploads; url links; and, notes. The system has been designed to cater for employees with a wide range of IT skill levels.

Activate Potential

The natural process when managing a new employee is to evaluate their existing skills against the skill requirement of the job in hand. Gaps are then managed via a training plan or in more advanced HR departments via an L&D resource (using an LMS). Developing employee knowledge has become a key consideration and Activate can really drive this area of L&D.

Determining learning needs can be a challenge, however with Activate a manager can provide new starts with tasks of varying complexity during the probationary phase of employment. How these tasks are handled by the employee can be a great indicator of their true learning needs.

Written job descriptions can go out of date fast due to their static nature in contrast to ever-changing business needs. They can grow or shrink and the actual skills required by the employee can change. Activate allows management and HR teams to have a real-time picture of what a job actually entails. This can be used to determine future workforce planning needs and also provide ongoing development needs for individuals.

Activate HR

Activate provides an essential service to both HR and operational teams. It performs an employee knowledge handover process using operational knowledge, information, and work in progress. The workflow in the system has one process that is performed in three stages and to assist with alignment to your existing business processes we have highlighted where the handover process connects:

Stage 1 – Ongoing: training plans; and, performance reviews

Stage 2 – Leaving; exit management; and, recruitment.

Stage 3 – Onboarding; induction; and probationary review.

The handover process is one that is cross-functional, with the following functions always present as stakeholders: Human Resources, Knowledge Management, and Operations. Activate can be deployed for all stages or used solely for the actual handover (Stage 2 + Stage 3) The latter involves a more timely focus and commitment from line managers to establish handover requirements with the leaving employee. Our team of experts are ready to assist with manager training and any change management needs.

What do our customers say?

Liz Prescott, CEO AUSUM Initiatives

“Activate has cut the time I need to spend on my handover notes by at least 40% and without a doubt will have my successor productive in half the time of a traditional onboarding process”. 

Liz Prescott, CEO AUSUM Initiatives

Rob Ormston, Assets Officer

“My thoughts on Activate are that it is very clearly set out, easy to understand and navigate. There’s opportunity for a wealth of information to be recorded and passed on when need be. When onboarding, the well-defined and clear categories make it easy to go in and select a topic without feeling overloaded. The use of the system helped me get to grips with my new role as Adam had left a number of topics as suggestions of what I should concentrate on and would be important going forward. It was good to be able to go through these and tick them off as I progressed.”

Rob Ormston, Assets Officer

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