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You can’t always keep your best people.
But you can keep their experience.

Start the Story

With Activate role holders have access to an agile and intuitive system. Using smart and engaging modules, team members can document critical business processes, highlight key relationships and document experiences that have shaped them personally and professionally.

The story of a role starts to take shape. With powerful reporting features management can manage performance in real time, identify development requirements quicker, and help team members excel in their role.

Time to move on?

Nothing lasts forever, but how do you keep a leaver focused?

Used collaboratively, leavers and Line Managers combine not just to close one story, but start a new one by building a work programme for the next role holder.

Got a task that needs carried out weekly, prioritise it for the new team member. Is there a go-to person that is key to the role? Set up an introductory meeting with ease.

Activate provides team members with the tools to build a lasting and rewarding legacy. With dedicated support from the iHandover team, you can be confident that a rich, detailed and knowledgeable role handover will be created.

Welcome Onboard

Day one can be daunting. Confidence right from the start can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Activate provides new starts with access to information from their predecessors. With access to a fully prioritized and content rich work programme, new starts are empowered to tackle new roles head on.

Project involvement is clearly defined, daily tasks are fully documented and the importance of key relationships is known straight away. With support from Line Managers and iHandover, onboarding is a rewarding experience and business continuity is assured.

Realise the benefits of Activate

Your organisation will be able to:

> Retain and transfer knowledge

> Enable instant engagement

> Enhance workforce collaboration

> Fast track performance

> Implement best practice

What do our customers say?

Liz Prescott, CEO AUSUM Initiatives

“Activate has cut the time I need to spend on my handover notes by at least 40% and without a doubt will have my successor productive in half the time of a traditional onboarding process”. 

Liz Prescott, CEO AUSUM Initiatives

Rob Ormston, Assets Officer

“My thoughts on Activate are that it is very clearly set out, easy to understand and navigate. There’s opportunity for a wealth of information to be recorded and passed on when need be. When onboarding, the well-defined and clear categories make it easy to go in and select a topic without feeling overloaded. The use of the system helped me get to grips with my new role as Adam had left a number of topics as suggestions of what I should concentrate on and would be important going forward. It was good to be able to go through these and tick them off as I progressed.”

Rob Ormston, Assets Officer

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