Discover Relay™

One shift ends. One shift begins. One simple way to protect your people, knowledge, deadlines and budgets.

Relay™ makes shift, crew and swing changeovers seamless. Combining powerful task management with an intelligent workflow, downtime is minimised and operational continuity is assured. Improving operational efficiency has never been more important than in today’s fast-paced world. iHandover has redesigned the traditional handover process and transformed it into Relay, creating significant opportunities for remote and 24/7 operations.

With Relay™, cross-shift teams and more, can handover confident that key safety, resource and operational items are communicated, and tasks assigned and actionable. Team in remote, mobile and non-stop operations can move to a higher level of performance. From push notifications to real-time tasking, all users are automatically kept in the loop and can make informed decisions.

In challenging environments where the timely handover of information dictates the smooth running of an operation, Relay™ will drive collaboration, enhance performance and protect the safety of your team. iHandover’s digital handover suite allows businesses to deploy a professional handover solution and stay ahead of the competition.

Discover Activate™

You can’t always keep your best people. But you can keep their experience.

Activate™ is the quickest way to transfer employee knowledge. It provides a digital approach to capturing all the essential aspects of important job positions.

Employees can easily demonstrate their contribution to the company and progression in a role, whilst at the same time prepare for moving on to their next challenge. This gives managers a great tool for benchmarking performance and recognising individual and team achievements.

At iHandover we believe in supporting managers and employees during planned and unplanned transitions to provide them with the support they need to perform at their best. To do this we have developed a unique approach to knowledge and information transfer support (KITS).

The Activate solution provides great closure for employees moving out of a role and fantastic support for managers during employment transitions. Most importantly it provides new employees with the focus and structure they need to be successful in their positions from day one. Activate provides a great addition to an organisation’s Business Continuity strategy, helping mitigate unplanned events that result in major losses of employee knowledge and company IP.


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