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An agile group of advisors, associates and technical experts combine to help create iHandovers unique range of products.

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From a business concept to a company with tailored software solutions.

Mali to Edinburgh, the origins of iHandover

“I was on the final leg of a journey that started out in Mali. As a consultant on an operating gold mine, my last act before packing my bags and heading home was to finalise a project communications plan. My efforts on the project had been frustrated by people in key positions not being available to make some pretty big, and important decisions. I felt like I was caught in a never ending loop of waiting for information and then re-communicating tasks requirements. With time alone on the flight to gather my thoughts I couldn’t help but think there had to be a more effective way for leavers to handover ‘works in progress’. Tiredness, the altitude or the excitement of coming home, whatever it was, somewhere at 35,000 feet the idea behind our solutions was born. After months of research and design I teamed up with David Taylor (our Chairman) to start iHandover. Over the years we’ve made fantastic progress and with an ever expanding team, the best is yet to come!”

Ross McDowell (Founder & CEO)

Jul 2016

Relay™ development

Requirement complete, spec confirmed. Work starts on the development of Relay™.

Jun 2016

Funding Complete

iHandover secures its latest round of funding from the Scottish Investment Bank, allowing further development of Activate™ and Relay™.

Apr 2016

Sales Team takes shape

Jenny Spring joins as Sales Director for Australia, leading efforts to establish iHandover in a key territory for the company.

Mar 2016

Welcome aboard

In partnership with the Santander graduate scheme, two highly skilled interns join the iHandover team in R&D and Marketing roles.

Feb 2016

New Year, New Offices

With new challenges emerging, iHandover expands further and moves into new premises in the old port town of Leith, Edinburgh.

May 2015

Enterconf 2015 Alpha Startup

Invited to participate at the inaugural 2015 Enterconf in Belfast as a one of a select group of Alpha…

Oct 2014

Interns on-board

Funding from the Santander Universities Internship Scheme allows for recruitment of two University of Edinburgh students.