Introducing RelayWorks

iHandover introduces a monthly payment version of their handover software so customers can set-up safe and professional handovers with no long-term obligation.

Companies on four different continents with continuous operations are welcoming this new technology which increases productivity and reduce risks. RelayWorks promises to save hundreds of hours per user per year by addressing the often overlooked, yet vital handover between incoming and outgoing employees.

Ross McDowell, the founder and CEO of RelayWorks, said “In many companies, handovers are a last-minute consideration, ad-hoc and often paper-based. They mask inefficiencies, lack definition, and expose teams to many risks including operational downtime, injury or worse from poor communication.”

Mr. McDowell continued, “We are making this product available to the market, in the right way, at the right time. More organisations are focussing in on the digital transformation agenda to drive cost reduction and improve productivity. I believe that using RelayWorks, to improve handovers, is ‘the last of the low hanging fruits’ when it comes to straight-forward process improvements in the Mining game. The pricing model for RelayWorks is new and we made this step to make it more accessible to the supply side of the industry. Shutdown contractors, equipment providers and niche consulting services can now benefit from reporting on progress and their attainment to plan at the point of handing over to colleagues, customers or the head office.”

RelayWorks is a digital transformation that puts managers in control and gives staff the ability to regularly demonstrate their contribution and value to the business. By streamlining the handover communication between teams, departments, and managers, businesses ensure that all the vital handover intel resides in one place. This creates a powerful centralised set of operational data for quick search, retrieval, and analysis.

Digital handovers are provided by iHandover’s software, RelayWorks™, which is the progression of the Relay™ software that iHandover introduced to the Mining and Metals Industry in Australia last year. The web application is ideal for shift, team and longer-term handovers and can be fully set up in less than an hour.

For more information about a free trial or to arrange a demo please contact the RelayWorks team via the website or send an email to

Contact: Ross McDowell
Telephone: +44 (0) 7951 816 888