Easy-to-use exit surveys in Activate

Now, how would the British public respond when asked to complete an exit survey on their reasons for choosing to leave the EU? We might never know the answers to that, however, we do have some good news for our customers. They can, thanks to our latest update, use our new in-app exit survey to collate and manage leaver intel alongside their digital handovers in Activate.

With all the noise we have made about Relay in our past development blogs, it would be easy to accuse us of not showing Activate a little TLC. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, and in this latest development blog, we’re delighted to announce another great addition for one of our apps. Activate enables businesses to transfer employee knowledge, easily manage the handover process and now capture intel via a new exit survey and interview process.

We spoke Rory Alberigo in our Head Office and asked him to give us a little insight into the new functionality:

“Exit Surveys are a great way to capture intel and insights about an employee’s experience of working within a company.

Activate currently facilitates the entire handover process from the collation of knowledge and information when an employee moves on to the manager approving a structured on-boarding work plan, and resulting in a new employee being fully engaged and focused during their early life with the organisation.

As our process works alongside traditional HR processes during a handover it seemed logical for us to build a complimentary exit survey and interview process.”

The exit survey is scheduled for release on Friday 17th November and existing clients will be able to use it straight away. HR Managers and Admin to can create fully customisable exit surveys in the Activate app itself. Surveys can contain multiple sections and as many questions as required. Questions can follow one of four formats, these are:

  • a multi-select response format;
  • a single-select format;
  • a text response; and,
  • a 1 to 5 rating response.

Using these formats, any question type can be created, making your surveys highly customisable. What’s more, you are not bound to use only one survey either as Activate allows you to create and initiate multiple surveys. When an ongoing user becomes a leaver in the app, you decide which survey they should complete, it’s as simple as that.

The surveys have an in-built approval system, allowing HR Managers to screen employee comments and add comments of their own, before submitting the survey for discussion with the Line Manager. We have also created a unique place for exit surveys in the reports section of Activate. This allows HR Managers to keep track of ongoing surveys in real-time, all in one place.

Following the release of Version 1, we will be gathering feedback on enhancing the business rules and analytics.

We would love to show you around Activate and learn about your exit survey experiences. Please use the contact form or email the team using: info@ihandover.co