Relay is moving from Alpha to Beta

Relay is the next generation of shift and crew handover technology. By developing the application we aim to:

  • eliminate wasted time caused by traditional handover processes;
  • improve site-wide communication and collaboration; and
  • convert handover data into an asset that contributes significant ROI.

It accomplishes this by organising and applying best practice and providing tailored changeovers. Relay easily and securely provides real-time access to all the people who need to know regardless of their location or on-site availability ensuring each task has the optimum responsibility, accountability, consulted and informed designations. It tracks user engagement and provides updates when handover information has been digested and when new intel has been added. Most of all, it is a closed-loop system which ensures that the most important considerations do not get overlooked or lost during handover.

With this product near to completion, we asked our Rory Alberigo (Business Analyst) for an update on the latest development and what features we can look forward to in the upcoming release.

Powerful features are on the way!

“This week, handovers from one user to another were tested to completion and the first handover was successfully completed and the first tasks closed off – the first full development lifecycle has been closed and soon we will move into iterative customer-centric development.

One of the features we are really excited about is the ability to create hand-backs between users.


During shift handovers, information is communicated from the exiting supervisor to the arriving supervisor on-site. The problem that a lot of people face in this scenario is that when the leaving worker returns to site, they are not updated on the outcomes of what they previously handed over; this is where the hand-back™ function really comes into its own.

When adding an item to a user’s handover report, if they would like to receive an update specific to a certain entry when they return to work, they can simply activate the hand-back icon. This creates a task for the supervisor to provide hand-back notes against the item before their colleague is back at site.

What we think our customers will really like about the hand-back™ function is that it builds in best practice and delivers some peace of mind. You can leave the workplace safe in the knowledge that critical issues that need progressed are not only documented, but left in such a way that those who need to pick up the baton in your absence, will be prompted to do so regularly. Where an email or print off might get lost in the shuffle, hand-backs are visible right up to the point that you return to site”

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